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‘Revelations’ by Viktória Vargová

When I first heard about the course, it was the combination of the words “digital” and “storytelling” that actually caught my attention. Needless to say, as a person who already finds pure joy in creating and receiving stories in any form, the storytelling part already turned the course into a must-do. But the fact that it was accompanied by the very intriguing adjective digital was an actual game changer. I had a vague idea about digital stories, yet I did not fully understand the depth of such craft-making – not to say all the dimensions that came along with it. 

To be more precise, we all know that stories hold immense power over their tellers and recipients. They can create new worlds, burn the old ones, and introduce mighty characters and unparalleled circumstances to leave people in absolute awe. Hearing stories is already an experience on its own, but making it even more tangible by adding other elements, such as music, videos, or pictures moves the whole thing to a completely new level. And that is pretty much what happened during the course, where we got a chance to tell our stories in a new format that left many of us amazed. Having the guts to share a personal story that means so much to someone is one thing, but being able to mould it, pace it and let it go for others to understand is another one. Not only allowing others to see my story but also having the privilege to get to know the stories of others was nothing short of humbling. We took our voices, transformed them into a piece of personal art, and let them guide us through the experience once again – but with a different perception. 

I will not misguide you if I say that the feeling of working on the story and then sharing it with others was quite transformative, softly blurring the line between power and vulnerability. It means giving voice to yourself, validating your experience and feelings, and having the strength to reflect on memories that made you the person you are today. 

Speaking of which, another thing that stood out for me was the pure acceptance and understanding of other people in the course. We were pretty much strangers at first, yet we shared such profound pieces of information that at the end of the day we felt like we knew each other well. No one was judging, no one was dismissive – we just somehow all took up that supportive spirit and turned into great listeners. This process went hand in hand with a realization that no matter what we do, where we come from, and what we have been through, we all have a collective experience of…simply being human and trying our best. Of going through ups and downs, periods of sadness and joy, excitement and anxiety while trying to navigate it all. Our stories helped us understand those emotions and turn them into digital statements that carried more weight than we were willing to admit. I believe that for many of us that process really switched something inside and provided us with a whole new realization – our voice matters. And after all, it could have an impact bigger than we could have ever dreamed of.