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Interested in Digital Storytelling for Higher Education?

Digital storytelling is a multimodal narrative based form that has many affordances for higher education. It can be embedded in various ways to support educational and research purposes.


Are you:

  • an educator involved in higher education or in research practice and would like some support in how to integrate DS into the curriculum
  • a researcher who would like to use digital storytelling for research purposes
  • an educator/researcher who would like to learn how to facilitate digital storytelling workshops
  • an educator/researcher who is in need of facilitators for digital storytelling work
Durham Staff

Has this piqued your interest? Are you interested in exploring how this might support your own course or context? Would you be interested in participating in a digital storytelling workshop or to explore how digital storytelling might work in your department?


If so, please get in touch with Teti for more information. More than happy to support!!