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International DS Projects and Collaborations

Image by Markus Christ from Pixabay

‘Connecting through Voice’ (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

This project was born out of a desire to capture the authentic experience of students, and in particular, students who feel that they are often ‘unheard’ or ‘underrepresented’ in the institution. The ‘connecting through voice’ was launched as part of a 40000EUR funded project at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) led by Sonja Wendel. The research team included Sonja and Iris from Casteren van Cattenburch and brought in Teti and Laura from Durham University (DUR) who brought expertise on digital storytelling and  narrative-based methodologies to support the project.

Read more about the project and the project team in the link below.

Read more about the ‘Connecting through Voice’ Project funded by Erasmus University Rotterdam