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‘A Book You Can Remember’ by Magali O’Brien

I was already quite familiar with video editing before coming to this class, but I had never heard of digital storytelling. The class introduced me to a new form of creative expression and pushed me to take the time to create work in different formats; it helped me discover new tools and skills in storytelling, both visually and verbally, and pushed me to extend my knowledge on the subject.

This digital story was created as part of a Digital Storytelling Workshop run in the Department of English Studies 2021. 

As I mentioned before, I’m no stranger to digital editing, but this class challenged me to improve upon and harness my skills in the area to the best of my ability, to complement my story and its dynamics. I chose to create my story in this way as I enjoy drawing and making art, so I wanted to incorporate that into my piece. I am an author of my own written stories already, but this new approach made me consider new forms of art and the processes behind them, which will give me more skills as an English student and how I look at literary texts.

Another aspect of the class I truly appreciated was the focus on peer work. Working with peers allowed me a fresh perspective on both my own work and others’, while also providing me with the chance to compare and improve upon my own style. I can now look at media in general and apply what I’ve learned, making it so much more interesting to analyse the techniques used. 

Overall, joining this workshop was a genuine surprise (the good type, I promise!), as it exceeded my expectations and helped me truly appreciate the creative process behind digital storytelling, and ultimately gave me the confidence to deepen my understanding of and interaction with digital storytelling.