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Digital Storytelling Durham

Digital Storytelling Durham

Digital Storytelling Durham

Hello and welcome to Digital Storytelling Durham!

Digital Storytelling Durham showcases digital stories and blog posts about digital storytelling created by students and staff at Durham university and at other institutions nationally and internationally who are linked to us. The site is focused on Higher Education contexts and showcases the work and stories created through Digital Storytelling Workshops at Durham and beyond as well as exploring their affordances for educational and research purposes.

What are digital stories? Digital stories are 2-4 minute videos created by a storyteller using voiceover, images and sometimes accompanying music, to tell a story about a transformational personal experience (Lambert, 2002). Storytellers create digital stories in the context of a group and a series of workshops led by a facilitator(s) who guide them through the process.

What’s there to explore on this site? The site has three key sections which you can navigate to from the main menu:

  • Digital Storytelling Blog: houses digital stories and reflections by students, staff and others who have participated in digital storytelling workshops or who are linked to or interested in digital storytelling as pedagogy and or curriculum development. They share their stories, insights and pedagogy ideas and reflect on their experiences and the impact it’s had on them.
  • Digital Storytelling Projects: information about key projects, aims, educational and research objectives where DS has been used.
  • Resources: this section houses material that can support digital storytelling work, both for participants in workshops and DS facilitators.

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The Story of Durham Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling Durham: About

This work into exploring DS in HE was instigated and led by Dr Teti Dragas (Durham Centre for Academic Development) who is passionate about storytelling and its potential for personal and collective transformation. In 2018, creatively bringing her interdisciplinary background in storytelling (English Studies), pedagogic and reflective practice (Higher Education Teaching and Learning), she was compelled to explore the potential of stories in a deeper way, to see what they could add to current ways of learning in the academy. This site is a testament to this vision and the first ever Digital Storytelling workshop at Durham, which began once upon a time in June 2019 and involved, along with Teti, the digitally dexterous Dr Alistair Brown (English Studies) and four wonderfully creative and pioneering English undergraduates, all of whom were to become Durham university’s first ever digital storytellers!

You can discover more about this work, delve deeper into the case studies of practice, find resources and links, and contact information if you want to explore collaborations, would like to learn how to do it, or are interested in connecting around this work.

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Photo by "My Life Through A Lens" on Unsplash

Digital Storytelling JISC Community

Interested in digital storytelling for educational purposes? Why don’t you join our JISC community of Practice?? Founded by Teti Dragas (creator of DS Durham), Richard Beggs (Ulster University) and Chris Thompson and Zac Gribble at JISC.

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We are ‘storytelling creatures’ and our tendency to tell stories may be one of the conditions of consciousness and intelligence itself.

Dragas, 2014